Our lab brings the knowledge of applied mechanics and dynamics to bear upon a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary problems. Our vision is to establish an internationally competitive research group in applied mechanics and dynamics research in the context of novel materials, structures and devices, with applications in Aerospace, MEMS and Nano systems, and Biomedical industries.

A PhD position is available in DAL. Visit openings for details.

Opportunities available in NanoMat program. See the pamphlet.

About the Logo

The logo above is taken from our research concerned with wave travelling paths in a Kagome Lattice. The inner circle suggests that low frequency waves can travel in all directions with equal ease, indicating isotropic behaviour. The outer six-petalled flower structure suggests that waves of high frequency perfer to travel only in certain allowed directions, consistent with the symmetry of the underlying microstructure. This image embodies the limits of our notion of isotropic material response.



Research Sponsors

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